My name is David W. Hunter born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in 1988. I am experienced in web development, digital advertising, visual effects, recording/producing/composing/creating music and technology in general. I’ve lived in many different towns and cities in both Ontario and British Columbia and currently reside back in the Sault.

I took computer programming in college and worked with various companies involving web development, IT and digital advertising.

To be honest, working these standard 9-5 jobs was a great learning experience and I am glad to have done it. They taught me that I certainly don’t want to grind at a 9-5 just to build up a pension and finally relax. Why should I have to devote all my valuable time and energy into making someone else rich and giving up 8 hours every single day of the week. Why should I have to stay in town because I have to go to an office building monday through friday? The reason is because that’s what we are trained to believe.

We are told that we HAVE to go to college/university to get a good job and work there until we’re 60 years old so that we can have enough money to live afterwards. Personally I want to wake up at whichever time I choose and do or go wherever I decide. I want to travel and enjoy any opportunity that interests me without being held back financially or by a responsibility to my J.O.B. The most important thing though, is that I want to do this NOW, not later when I’m 60+ and might not want to or am not capable of doing everything anymore.

That brings me to my current venture.

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A bunch of my friends were doing some network marketing and told me I really need to get involved. For a while I disregarded it but finally I sat down and had a conversation on what was really possible. I was told how much time they spend per day and finally how much they were earning. They were making a lot of money, and I don’t mean just a couple thousand per month, I mean $30K+ a MONTH. This absolutely BLEW my mind. For me this was an unfathomable number that I’d only have dreamed of making. At first I thought that maybe they just all happened to get lucky and got in at the right time. Turns out that luck has NOTHING to do with it. Put simply, it’s all about following a formula and being dedicated to your success.

I made the decision to dive in. If other people are doing it, the training is available and I’m devoted, then I can succeed too. I joined an amazing team of like minded individuals all striving for the same success. I had access to training, support, weekly webinars, resources and private groups on Facebook and Skype for regular communication. After 2 months in I already made a couple thousand dollars. Not only that but I was building up a residual income. I was floored when I realized how real this was and that I would be able to retire at the age of 25. Most people are too scared to take a chance or are afraid of failure. Me? I was afraid of working all my life and missing out on the way life SHOULD be.

I am so grateful to be part of the small percentage of people willing to take a chance for massive rewards. I’m living another way of life with the motto, “Work less, live more”.

Needless to say you DO NOT have to live traditionally and give up all of your time to make someone else rich. I’m living proof of that. If you want to take advantage of an opportunity to make a phenomenal amount of income by being yourself and expressing your interests then I want to work with you! Anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a drive to succeed can do what I’m doing. I didn’t get lucky, I used the information I was given and took massive action.

Ladies and gentleman take  it from me, life doesn’t have to be the way everyone thinks. You can travel the beaches of the world, work less than all of your friends/family AND make more than every single one of them!

I’ve been receiving A LOT of emails from people asking how they can get involved, so I decided to include this mailing list sign up strictly for people serious about making money online.

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To Our Success,

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  1. I like your ideas about living live now and for yourself…it’s the courageous and creative way to live…thanks for the reminder…

  2. I totally agree with your ‘live now, not later’ philosophy, Dave. Why should we wait to be happy?
    Making choices every day is what makes our life now and for the future – we make our own happiness. Although my path is not about financial wealth but personal richness.
    Thank you for following Daytripper Sippers. Best wishes, CC.

  3. Junking 9 to 5 as well. Number 1 source of hypertension! Great blog. Keep up the good work!

  4. You have the exact outlook on life as I believe can be possible.

  5. Exactly the kind of change I’m trying to implement in my life. The thought of working all my life and not really living it is scary. I don’t want to that. This opportunity u have mentioned – is it possible for those in the UK?

    Keep up the great posts!

  6. Enjoyed your health blogs.

  7. Great outlook on life :) refreshing to read also!

  8. Always nice to have a cute guy stop by! Some really good advice on your site! Linda.

  9. Love. Love love love! Finally, someone has the same outlook as me! Keep it up:)

  10. Like the attitude. May be in touch sooner than you think. MM

  11. I appreciate your natural hunter’s instinct on how to live a healthy life. Keep going…

  12. i hear you on the 9 to 5 job. not my cup of tea.

  13. Inspired!!

  14. Wow! Your blog sounds fascinating! You seem to have the technological interests that I’d like to be good at. Thank you for leading me to your blog. =)

  15. audfashion says:

    Nice blog!

  16. Love the blog and all your posts on health issues ( the sugar one was a shocker! ). Keep on rocking,

    Teddy T

  17. This is a good blog…. and its good write on sugar..
    Cheers !!

  18. Enjoyed reading your posts.

  19. P.S.

    JOB = Just Over Broke

    And does the Empower Network affiliate partnership, Project AWOL, offer residuals? I wasn’t sure about that based upon what you wrote. It seemed like you tried another MLM before EN/AWOL.

  20. You are handsome and healthy, David! Thanks for stopping by :)

  21. Hi Dave. I like your post about sugar. It’s not a healthy substance, that’s for sure, and great to see that you’re spreading the word! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  22. Great Blog ! I really like all the tips and articles.. so easy to read and so true !
    Keep educationg for a better life – style ! I’m in !

  23. So just wanted to say, I agree with pretty much everything on your blog! These are things I would like people to know about and you have said them well! I wanted to follow your blog but it’s not letting me :/

  24. Love the blog, really interesting and good images! Anna @ AnnaTalksBeauty

  25. Dave,
    Loved the PRO tea/coffee post! :-)

  26. Congrats on your entrepreneurial style! Its a good look. Namaste, Allie.

  27. Hey there! What an inspirational blog you got here. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! :) Cheers, Violet

  28. I’m so down with Utopia. Rock on…!

  29. Hi David,
    I have nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award” because I like your posts and you are different from the rest of the “AWOL” crowd :-)

  30. Hey, I love your health posts and will definitely be checking in more.

  31. Hi David,

    Thanks so much for your interesting blog, which I am now following via RSS.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Happy blogging!


  32. Hi David, I went through a lot of posts on your blog, I would say its a very informative blog. Keep up the good work and spread awareness!

  33. Good job! Cheers!

  34. I was just combing through your site…great content. I’m happy for you that you’ve found your place to not just work throughout your life, but enjoy life and your work. See you around….

  35. :) Love the concept of your blog and I’m looking forward to reading more.

  36. Interesting site!

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    Keep writing brilliant stuff. For details about this awards visit here http://juned11blog.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/sunshine-and-versatile-blogger-award/

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  39. Really cool blog and very informational. Keep it up

  40. “Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” Thanks Dave!

  41. It is a nice blog. I love it so much. Keep writing and bloging :)

  42. God bless you,, God has given you the power to live life to the fullest,,

  43. wow…makes a lot of sense. :)

  44. You have a fantastic attitude – that’s the way to be! ;)

  45. You have amazing courage and a wonderful sense of adventure. Best wishes in all you do.

  46. Hi, I have just awarded you the Best Moment award, keep up the good work.

  47. Sounds like the idea in the book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ which I love. You have the right idea.

  48. Higglers Online says:

    Wish you much success Dave!

  49. well written, very inspirational for people who are scared to take chances with their careers!

  50. Love your blog! Just saw the video of the law student and the cops and found it hilarious:) Knowledge of the law certainly helps, when talking to condescending authority figures. I have no legal background but in order to fight for services for my son with ASD, I had to read up a lot – it makes a huge difference!
    Thanks for having this awesomely funny blog!

  51. Realizing one’s dreams and going for them is the most rewarding. Keep at it!

  52. CONGRATULATIONS Dave!! You are way ahead of the pack. I’m a mom with teenagers whom I try convey this very message to. It’s so hard to get teenagers to think outside of the box and go for something different..they all want to be the same! (Aren’t parents usually the other way around?) I’ll keep working on them. Thanks for the Inspiration.

  53. When someone asks what my greatest fear is, I always say, working from 9 – 5. I don’t fit in that world either and have loved each minute of my life.

  54. I love your sense of adventure and courage. You’re definitely a visionary. Enjoy the journey!

  55. Good luck with your work Dave! It may seem hard at the beginning but you will make a great life path if you continue with devotion!

  56. I love your vision – it totally resonates with me! Keep on keepin’ on. :-)

  57. Love your free thinking and energy Dave, well done. I wish you all the very best mate. Cheers!

  58. Good luck. That takes a lot of commitment.

  59. Best of LUCK Dave! :)

  60. I have to agree with another user about this normally being play on words by retired old men. You on the other hand? Great job with this! You’re obviously driven to achieve and that’s inspiring to see in a younger person.

  61. I’m liking the thought process and indeed the action. I think a lot of people think this way Dave but rarely act. GFT (Go for it) a great saying from Ellen MacArthur’s book Taking on the World about her life sailing the Vendée Globe. I’m a bit older and taken a few risks in my time even owned my own business for 9 years with staff and all. I now work for someone else and I think I lost my spark along the way so reading your blog is inspiring.

  62. Nativegrl77 says:

    Thanks for all the likes … you blog is interesting …a lot of info for just one visit …

  63. Your sentiments about work resonate with me, Dave. Thanks for letting me know about you. Anita

  64. Thanks for letting me know you liked “raising children.” Happy to have you as a supporter. Very few of the quips should be taken seriously. They’re mostly just a play on words by an old guy trying to exercise his brain in retirement.

  65. I just posted a piece on Rights on the Internet and now just read your blog post.. there is a link in there somewhere. I would say good luck but I think you don’t need it… you sound focused, driven and ambitious.

  66. Glad you liked “back in circulation.” Thanks for your support.

  67. Glad you liked “back in circulation.” Thanks and best to you.

  68. Ahoy to that!

  69. Really awesome that you were able to succeed, and even better that you are willing to help others get the leg up they need to succeed, too!

  70. Good luck to you Dave! Love your “Can Do” and open minded attitude!

  71. Inspiring…it sounds like you are following your heart and being you. I think we all search for the courage to do that. For me, the challenge becomes having the willingness to let go of my preconceived ideas about the “things” I think provide my security and safety.

  72. We have been trained from an early age to buy into this mythology. If it were even 50% true, it might be worth it. You have made an important discovery early in your life, hope that it will work for you. For me, I will need to remain a bit more steadfast, but I nurture my dreams in a way that mostly works for me. Thanks for the brightness & kind thoughts.

  73. TigerDuke says:

    Very inspiring and I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy and motto of living life now and not putting it off until 60 or whatever, seize life now!

  74. Love how it sounds! My corporate job is burning me out even though I haven’t reached 1 year in the industry yet. Hmm. Allow me to look into this further :)

  75. This is inspiring man, seriously. That’s what I’m trying to with my writing, all it takes is time.

  76. Thanks for liking my blog, glad that you are inspired and have a hunger for success! If you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect others to believe in you? Share the love!

  77. I think you have the right idea. As somebody who spent way too much time in the boardroom instead of traveling, hoping to buy the ability to travel later, I really want to make sure more people get this message!

  78. I dig it!

  79. Glad you liked “drink therapy.” Thanks and best to you.

  80. Just DO it! What’s that old saying? “He who hesitates is lost”! I hope you are successful!

  81. David, I am glad for you – much better to start out on your own now, while you are young and filled with fresh ideas. I waited until my kids were grown before I did this. I recently left the traditional work zone. I am writing and self-publishing, and learning a lot of new skills. Maybe someday I can afford to hire you to help me with my web design :) You will do well because you know how to reach out to people. Best Regards

  82. Exactly! Why are we all conditioned to work work work till we retire so that we can afford to retire?! I might never reach retirement age, I might be too infirm to enjoy being retired. Life is so short and although I have left it till my half century year it’s never too late to start enjoying NOW! Well done David.

  83. Live life and be free David

  84. Glad you liked “tactless termination.” Thank you and best to you.

  85. Dave- you are so awesome! You sound SO MUCH like me it’s unbelievable! lol I am sure to follow and can’t wait to see what else is planted on this site :-)

  86. You sound like such an inspiring person, I look forward to following you! :) And thank for having liked my last post!

  87. You are evidence that it all starts in the mind:thinking, evaluating….how we perceive ‘opportunities’ (aka problems’). I’ve noticed that you discard ‘luck’ in your responses to people who which you ‘luck’. Don’t be so quick at that. Luck are just those opportunities that show up and have nothing to do with us, were not in our radar; we didn’t seek; maybe even were meant for others. There’s so much ‘planning’ life allows us to do before she takes control.

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I’ll take a look at your work, looks interesting and uplifting.

    Good luck, I mean, good fortune.

  88. Good for you, Dave. I was in network marketing myself a number of years ago. Didn’t work out for me money-wise but that was because of me, not the system. Still, I learned a lot of good lessons from my experience that I’ve applied to other areas of my life. Glad it’s working out for you.

    • Yeah I definitely have tried many things in network marketing unsuccessfully, but I’ve finally figured it out and have massive support from a team dedicated to living another way of life! It truly is amazing how versatile some of the skills you learn can be. Thanks for giving me a shout, take care!

  89. Yes I second that: To your success!

  90. Thanks for the Like on my blog. Nice “work” you are doing here (I have to put that in quotes, right)? Really enjoy reading your posts!

    • Haha well I definitely did work to get where I am. Even though I’m getting extraordinary results that keep growing it didn’t happen by chance.

  91. Completely intrigued, sir!! I love your energy!!
    ~Bonne chance~

  92. I absolutely agree with everything you wrote here! You’ve got yourself a new follow!

  93. Emel Biallas says:

    I cannot tell you how much I agree my friend!

  94. Love this blog!

  95. thanks for stopping by. Goodluck!

  96. Dave, I love your philosophy. Thanks for sharing.

  97. Hi Dave, a quickie from B.C. to say Thank you for taking the time to read through my extraordinary new life on the veryberry-blog! A read your ÁBOUT’and all I can say is this: Wishing you all the best in your adventures.

  98. Good luck, Dave!

  99. You’re brave to try this and I hope it keeps working as you work! (And *thank you* for the recent “like” at my blog:)

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