Don’t Mess With Bank Security Guards Even If They’re Wrong!


Quite a while back I was sitting at home thinking to myself how good some Doritos, Pepperettes, Crunchie bars and Bawls (The energy drink you sicko…) would be. With a craving in mind I set out to get some exercise and walk there to maybe burn some of the calories I knew I was about to demolish. It was summer time and it was a star filled evening. Like most people, I needed to get some cash out of the bank because I probably wasted the last several bills on something useless and consumable. Approaching my bank I noticed one of those massive security trucks parked outside but didn’t think too much about it besides how I could maybe hide in a blind spot and round house kick the guard when he came back and make off with whatever I could get my hands on. It was a ludicrous thought. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get away with it without careful planning so I went along inside to the ATM as I initially intended.

Getting a little more focused on how good tasting my soon to be munchies would be I thrust my debit card into the slot and realized there was no resistance and it disappeared. Wondering what just happened and hoping that the screen asking for my pin would come up I realized that the Security guards must be doing something with the ATM right now. I walked a bit over to the glass and knocked lightly and said “Hello? Excuse me is anyone there?”. A female guard came out from around the corner and I explained that I think my card went straight through the ATM card slot and into whatever is behind. She gave me an odd look but said to wait a second and she will check. A minute later she came back and told me that there was no card anywhere. I pleaded politely that I’m 100% sure that it’s back there somewhere because it flew through the slot like there was nothing to catch or receive it. She got a little more serious and said, “Sir, there is nothing back there”. I asked if she could please just check again so I could get my card back.


At this point I guess I was pushing her buttons, questioning her ability to observe and probably starting to seem suspicious. She put her hand on her gun flipped the holsters clip that held the gun and exclaimed  “There’s no card and you need to leave right now”. Not that she was actually going to shoot me unless I started going crazy and trying to get through the glass but I bet my eyes grew to the size of golf balls when I realized she probably thinks I’m trying to rob her. “Okay okay!” I responded and backed away slowly, turned around and walked outside.

Yeah that was a bit of excitement I didn’t expect and the worst part is I didn’t get any of the snacks I wanted. I had to return to the bank the next day where they told me no one knew anything about finding a card anywhere and had to issue me a temporary one for the time being. To this day I still wonder where that trusty card ended up and hope that it knows I didn’t abandon it; it was taken.

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Canadian Winters Getting Warmer and Less Snow

What winter?


That’s exactly what I tell everyone when we talk about winter of last year (2012). This may not be the same for everywhere across Canada but particularly in Northern Ontario I’m pretty sure we only had maybe 4 or 5 real snowfalls. The snow would stick around for a bit if the temperature stayed below zero but for the most part it wasn’t around very much. This is an oddity as most recognize Canadian winters being very cold with an abundance of snow everywhere. I was used to it myself. I remember when I was younger how often it would snow and how I used to snowmobile almost every single day.

I haven’t owned a snowmobile in several years now but have always wanted to get another one. Last year I thought about getting one but started to notice a lack of snowfall. As the weeks continued I decided I better wait since winter seemed to basically not exist. Sure would be a shame to buy a nice sled and then only get to ride it a few times for the whole year. So with that, I figured maybe I’ll wait and see how next year would be (2013). First off winter took a pretty long time to get here. At the very least I’m thankful there was more snow on the ground for Christmas unlike last year where we had a big family get together but couldn’t do many outdoor activities with dirt and some snow on the ground. It doesn’t seem to be like the winters I remember though. What happened? Is global warming actually taking a toll on our weather this drastically? Am I just imaging the difference to be so significant?

There was an exception to snow fall on December 27th 2012. In fact it was quite the exceptional amount of snow. Some places ended up with 50 cm of snow. The snowstorm ripped through the United States midsection, particularly Arkansas. It knocked out power and tragically claimed the life of several people. This storm was so ferocious that airplanes were grounded, police had to use snowmobiles, highways had to be shut down, and cars were piled up or sliding everywhere. There was so much snow in Montreal that it actually beat out the previous record snowfall champion of March 1971 that left many without power for 10 days.


Although this single day brought on quite the hefty amount of snowfall in many cities, it still pales in comparison to the true records in Canada and the US. The biggest single day snowfall recorded in Canadian history was in Tahtsa Lake, British Columbia with a grand tally of 145 cm of snow on February 11, 1999. That’s a crazy amount of snow for one day! Our neighbors to the south have claim to an unbelievable 192 cm of snow in Silver Lake, Colorado on April 15, 1921. Now that’s an absolutely absurd amount of snow… That’s almost 4 times what Montreal received this year in the most chaotic snowstorm lately.

Besides having a ridiculous snowfall there still seems to be a lack of snow. There are many days that warm up over 0 and start melting again. There’s several days where it’s supposed to rain. What happened to the blistering cold winter of the past? Is this going to be the norm for the foreseeable future? I sure hope not, otherwise I’ll never get to buy that new sled. I’m certainly not a meteorologist but it seems like a trend. Not everyone likes winter but most would like it to be full on winter or no snow at all. No one likes the in between of ice, slush or even rain or at least I don’t.

A non existent winter with a dash of snowstorm every once in a while. This looks like what we have to look forward to from now on. Guess I better move south because if Canadian winters are getting this sad, I might as well live in full time sunshine. So, is this it?

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We Live to Die – Create Your Own Opportunities

Did you know that we are taught to all live in a perpetual routine? I’m not talking wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, brush your teeth etc. I’m talking about something on a larger scale.

We live to die.


Think about it. We are told that we have to go to public school to get to high school. Then we have to get good grades so that we can get into a good post secondary institution. We go to college or university so that we can get “decent” paying job. Then we work all our lives until we’re old so that we can build up a pension or some kind of safety net to pay for everything when we’re old and retired. Just when all that life long work is done we can finally relax and do whatever we want. A little late to do whatever I want. What if I need to budget the money I saved up just to get by. That means hardly any special trips/vacations and that’s if i’m even in good shape to travel around the world. At that point I’ll probably just want to sit around and eat Fiber One. What a waste.

We can’t get time back. It’s always running out and unforgiving. No one wants to work a 9-5 all of their life just so that they can have enough money to survive after they hit 60. Your told that’s what your supposed to do and that’s life. Guess what? It’s NOT.

Now I agree everyone should learn all the basic education that public and high school provide. I’m not against going to college/university if there’s a skill or field I’m personally passionate about. What I don’t agree with is working for 40, 30, 20 or even 10 years for someone else and only making enough to comfortably survive. I’d like to live my life and enjoy it. I’d like to travel or spend time with family. I’d like to do whatever I want to do and whenever I want to do it. Of course we all want that right? We all dream of it but hardly anyone takes control and makes it happen. Most people are too scared to step out of the “traditional” jobs and predefined life plan. Most people think they’d have to spend all their life and money to run their own business anyway. Most people don’t realize that WE create our own opportunities and we can make anything happen.


A lot of people write in diaries or notebooks. Imagine you could get paid more in a month than most successful people make in an entire year by simply writing about whatever you feel. Is that just a dream? Or maybe you’ll realize it’s possible and ANYONE can do it. Getting the picture yet? This is a real business and normal everyday people like you and I make thousands of dollars everyday. Their day consists of writing up a little blog, promoting it and then doing whatever they want. The beautiful thing is that once you write a blog it’s ALWAYS working for you. In ten years from now the cool post you did today is STILL making you money. All it does is continue to build.

I’d like to invite you to a distinguished group of people that make money online. People that make more money than probably everyone you personally know today. People just like you.

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See you on the inside,


Police burst into my home!

So recently I was watching a movie in my basement with my girlfriend when there was a knock at the door. My roommate upstairs went to answer the door and was greeted by several police officers promptly asking who is currently in the residence. He explained that there were four people including himself, his friend, my girlfriend and myself and then overheard an officer’s radio mention his friends name (Turns out they were simply receiving information on who the owner of the vehicle at the end of the driveway was). At that point my roommate said hold on a moment, closed the door slightly and went back to his room to call his friend down thinking maybe he pocket dialed 911. Instantly five officers pushed the door open and invaded my home without permission. They broke the lock, so I had to contact All You Need Locksmith to fix it.


In a fluster of confusion I started walking up the stairs and told my girlfriend to do the same and I asked what’s going on to which I was replied with, “A female called from this address claiming a man was trying to hurt her”. Astonished I quickly asked if the call was from a land line or cellphone to determine if I was being pranked or if someone wasn’t doing their job properly. The first male cop answered that he wasn’t sure. They persisted and said the whole house must be searched regardless and pushed past me to start checking downstairs and beyond.

As soon as two of the officers reached the bottom of the steps their radio’s went off exclaiming that they had the wrong address! They realized their error, swiftly turned around and ran out of the building apologizing for the unnecessary excitement.

I was shocked in the first place why they were even here and even more so when they said a female called from this exact address claiming she was being attacked by a male. At first I thought it was ridiculous that they just walked in my place without permission and started going through my house but realistically if there was a girl locked up in a room I guess I hope they would be persistent versus not entering because the owner disagreed. What is the legality of this anyway?


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There Will Always Be An Apocalypse

Since the beginning of time there have been predictions of a final destruction of our life as we know it. Countless so-called prophets, scientists, historians and simply theorists in general have claimed to have factual evidence or at minimum a strong belief that the world will end on a specific date from a specific cause.


  • On January 1st year 1000 the world was assumed to end as predicted by several groups pertaining to Christianity. It was figured this would be the Millennium Apocalypse. False.
  • 1666 made people superstitious and fear the end of the world was upon them because the numbers “666” were in the date, there was the Great Fire of London and 100 000 Londoners passed away due to the bubonic plague.
  • The Jehovah’s Witnesses claimed in 1975 the wicked world would end. False.
  • The well known “Y2K” on January 1st, 2000 estimated that electronics would malfunction and there would be massive catastrophes because computer programmers and computing devices hadn’t accounted for years above 1999, which would roll over from ending in “99” to “00”. False.
  • December 21, 2012 was claimed to be the Mayan Apocalypse where the Earth would be annihilated by some cosmic or super natural origin. False.


I only mentioned a few anticipated cataclysmic events but there are hundreds if not thousands of other predictions in between these ranging from 600 years BC into the future indefinitely.

In truth, earth probably will end. Will it be from someone claiming they spoke to a higher being and they will be coming to smite everyone? Probably not. Will it be from a historian that exclaims they found a relic declaring the end times on an exact date? Probably not.

If there is a true threat that is perhaps measurable and likely I think it would be more than fair to say the cause for the end of the world would simply be: humans. We are our own enemy, using all of our valuable resources without limit, polluting the earth and our atmosphere, killing each other with physical, chemical & biological warfare. If there’s anything to be worried about it seems like we could stop going on predictions when the danger is closer to home than anyone wants to admit.

In all honesty we can’t deny the possibility however remote of an unstoppable comet smashing into us, aliens coming to dominate us, the earth just exploding or why not even imploding? We realistically hardly know ANYTHING about our own planet let alone the universe. What’s beyond certain depths in the ocean? Or in the center of the earth?

For the most part, all of the unlikely causes of death would be out of our hands. What we do to each other and to our planet might be hard to limit if not eliminate but is still possible.

We are our own enemy.

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