Coffee Vs. Tea Infographic

I stumbled upon a great fact sheet on coffee and tea. I thought it would be appropriate to post since we covered two previous articles on both Tea and Caffiene. This poster summarizes parts of the info we have already listed plus some fun facts that we did not mention. Hope you enjoy it and learn something!

coffee tea benefits

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  1. I’m a big fan or green tea without sugar and coffee (espresso,capuccino) :). When i was a student I used to drink so much green tea, we gathered with my friend and had several cups of tea:) also when you study helps you not to feel hungry:)

  2. Thank you for this informative article. ‘So glad to see all this good news about coffee–one of the great, simple pleasures of life!

  3. So it is good to drink ying-yang a mixture of coffee and tea?

  4. This is really interesting! And good to know for a tea/coffee lover.

  5. hiyya..!!!
    loved your blog. :)
    its very interesting, informative and love the look.

  6. Journeys To Health says:

    I enjoyed the comparisons. Being a health advocate and healer, I was aware of some of this but not all. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Excellent post!! The information you gathered are very useful to know and of course the info-graphics rock:)

  8. Great post, I love it!

  9. Love this post! This is a question I ask myself most mornings lol.

  10. That is interesting :) I always prefer coffe, but sometimes make myself a tea :)

  11. I love this. I enjoy coffee but I stick to one cup in the morning only. If I have one in the afternoon then I am not tired enough to go to bed at night. So I switched to having green tea in the afternoon/evening when I feel like having something. It is nice to know there are health benefits in both.

  12. maybe i should show this to someone who doesn’t let me drink coffee. informative facts. :)

  13. Thank you for a very informative blog.

  14. Great poster — loved it! I drink both daily so I must be reaping double the benefits.

  15. Life is too short to ditch coffee. Is there coffee in Heaven?

    Great article. xo

  16. Absolutely stunning post! I drink approximately 20 cups of tea a day! Love the stuff!!!!

  17. Loving both coffee and tea, and this sure is a fun way of telling facts! Infographics are <3!

  18. Thanks for the facts

  19. dailycitylife says:

    Hi! I LOVE coffee, so this post was really fun to read. Very visually appealing too with the diagram =)

  20. Wow this information is very interesting. Thanks for putting it in an easy to understand way!

  21. Very nice infographic reaching all the way from, “How the heck would I do that on my site,” to, “Hey, this is pretty interesting stuff!” Forwarding it to a few people because of the latter. I’ll have to tell them the date on it because it’s a front page and looks like it changes regularly. Didn’t look for an archive, will do so later. Anyway, very informative to me in a number of ways.

  22. Your blog is so cool!

  23. Thanks for sharing. Loved this. Funny to think I probably drink enough coffee to fill a bathtub. I won’t look at coffee the same. :)

  24. Thank you for this! I love it!

  25. What a cool infographic! Love that it doesn’t rip on coffee, also. I think I’ll have a cup right now. Thanks so much for sharing! Cheers — Steph

  26. Great stuff! Am a major coffee drinker and recently due to a tummy bug was asked to stop for a bit :(. Now I can use this to my yummy advantage! :) thanks!


  27. nice information

  28. You know i never believe all those talks about coffee not been good for one’s body also but after reading the infographic display up there I Understand alot about caffeine, Thanks for sharing.

  29. Great post- love learning new facts about my favourite drinks! Thanks for sharing. All the best! :)

  30. I’ve always thought too much coffee was bad for you, but my definition of too much was 1-2 cups per day. I’m not so sure anymore, but that factoid has been drilled into my head so much that I feel bad when I go through periods of drinking a cup of coffee everyday! Thanks for the information! =)

  31. great share and great infographic!

  32. Love infographics. A great way to communicate/inform those whose learning style is more visual.

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