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Tea- it is the most consumed beverage in the world besides water. There is nothing better than curling up on your couch with a cup of this ancient brew. Not only is it comforting and tastes great, but it has many health benefits that are worth the drink. Try out the best weight loss pills.

People are told time and again that tea is great for your body, but why? It is a well-known and documented fact that tea is good for the body in multiple ways.  One quite simple one, is that you could be drinking something far worse. Sodas and juice more often than not are heavily loaded with sugar, which on the contrary is quite bad for the body in its own several ways. Even your teeth have a hard time with sugar, and any dental health will tell you tells you to keep away from sugar probably noticed you’re getting close to developing dental issues as he was treating you. You might find that your current dentist hurts you a bit too much, perhaps doesn’t give you a break when you ask, or isn’t very informative when it comes to understanding your condition and what you should do about it. If you are ever unsatisfied, just be aware that that’s perfectly fine and you can look for a dentist that suits you better.

Green tea for weight loss: Does it work?

There have been a huge amount of studies investigating the weight loss properties of green tea and generally, in trials ranging between six weeks and six months, they’ve reported largely positive – although not statistically significant – affects on weight loss and fat composition. It’s key to note that in these, participants are generally given green tea supplements, rather than cups to drink.

‘Green tea acts by slightly raising metabolism and preferentially burning fat,’ explains Dr Carrie Ruxton, who has a PhD in Child Nutrition and works with the Tea Advisory Panel. It’s believed these effects are due to the high level of catechins, principally EGCG, which is potently antioxidant and aids weight loss through thermogenesis, a process of heat production in the body.’

In avoiding sugary drinks or foods, you can very easily go for tea. All tea originates from the plant Camellia sinensis. This plant contains substances called flavonoids and polyphenols which contain antioxidants. The antioxidants are the important part that helps your total health and fitness. The concentrations of these antioxidants are higher in the tea plant than in fruits and vegetables. The most significant polyphenol is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

EGCG could be the markers to fight off Alzheimer’s (due to decreases in beta-amyloid plaques), Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s disease (due to rises in dopamine levels). It prevents brain cells from dying and if damaged, promotes repair. It also binds with iron and blocks pathways that cause brain deterioration. Also if you’re looking for a new inexpensive way to have glowing, fresh skin, look no more. EGCG can regenerate skin cell growth for newer skin more quickly. Read more about prodentim benefits.

We all know the four major categories of teas- green, white, black, and oolong. Have you ever wondered what makes the flavours their own if they all come from the same plant? Each tea group goes through a different process to make it its own. Green tea leaves are steamed which prevents the EGCG compound from being oxidized. Black and oolong tea are fermented which makes the EGCG turn into other compounds. White tea is said to be the purest in antioxidants due to its process of being steamed to inactivate polyphenol oxidation, and then dried from new growth buds and young leaves.

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Due to the fermentation processes, the health benefits of tea are higher in white and green teas. This is because of the less EGCG that is taken away from the oxidation process. So if you are looking to get your maximal health benefits from tea go with the green or white before a black or oolong.

Research shows that antiviral and germ killers are higher in white teas than in green teas. Although green tea helps the metabolic system by getting rid of sugars quicker and not storing them as fat. Green tea kills cancer cells and inhibits growth of cancer cells. It does this without even damaging healthy tissue. Not only does this amazing brew fight off bad cells but it also helps you with weight loss!

Tea helps in the maintenance of blood pressure and blood vessels, fighting against cardiovascular disease. It is possible the reasoning why cardiovascular disease is reduced by tea is because flavonoids decrease inflammation and cholesterol which reduces the chances of blood clot formation. There is 11 times more flavonoid intake by tea drinkers than non tea drinkers. If you drink five or more cups of tea a day you are 31% more likely not to die from cardiovascular disease.

But is taking supplements the best solution and alternative that we can have when trying new things? Is it really something that we can do while were on a schedule that allows everything you want something new always has to be required when you want to stay fit and healthy and if you work out while you do what you want then even better.  Using the #1 best testosterone booster is probably the best bet you can take if youre active and serious about working out and being the healthiest person you can be.

There are some things to keep in mind the next time you brew a cup. Decaf teas have less flavonoids so try to go for the natural blends. Iced teas have more sugars so either go with the naturally hot brew or try making your own so you can limit added sugars. The more processed the tea the less polyphenols present so try to go with a more organic and natural tea. Instead of added sweeteners try throwing in a slice of lemon, or a squeeze of some citrus juice, it boosts the absorption in the GI tract. Pepper does this as well if you want to add a little spice like a chai blend. Visit the following to read an article and understand about the Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery and how its helping improve various aspects of a human body.  Most of the health issues in a human body start when unhygienic food enters into our body affecting our oral health which leads to problems like throat pain, uneasiness while eating food and various other problems. If you want to find the best posts and products which can help maintain a healthy living.

Overall you cannot go wrong with drinking tea. Even fitting a cup a day into your life will reward you with some amazing health benefits. From renewing your skin, to fighting off cancer and degenerative diseases, tea’s natural antioxidants are helpful and tasteful. So what are you waiting for? Go and make yourself a cup!

Make sure you never forget to maintain good oral hygiene to enjoy your cup of tea. If you want additional help in finding reputed dental services, then check out Chatswood services for oral health expertise.

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