Law Student Beats Police Verbally

Law Student

This is fairly impressive even if a little ridiculous. This over zealous guy is approached by police because of bystanders calling in a report of a man with a gun and he retorts with a knowledgeable and aggressive attitude but still being polite.

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He wasn’t necessarily rude, he simply knows his stuff and probably doesn’t like cops too much!

Either way he definitely gets the upper hand over the police.

Check out the video:

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  1. There must be a legal reason for detainment, search , seizure , investigation and incarceration. Many times members of the local constabulary knowingly flaunt their power and abuse an ignorant public into following their “official” demands without question. There was an incident where a pedestrian was questioned by the police because he happened to be recording a policeman arresting a vagrant for panhandling. The photographer was taken into custody but later released. He was not booked for the arrestHe was not interfering with the arrest just wanted to record the incident. Many times it seems over zealous law enforcemnt respresentatives over step the boundaries of legal and pure harassment. Tis was a great video and informative as well.

  2. Had this been a black guy, they would have had him pinned to the floor, charged with 3 different a counts of something (meanwhile, he is still pinned to the floor), and hauling him off in the back of the squad car. This guy went out looking to be an arrogant prick, I wish nobody was allowed to carry guns. What are you going to shoot while walking down your local neighborhood? A two year old who couldn’t throw a ball straight and it accidentally hit you and you shot him out of ‘self-defense’? Puh-lease. Spare me.

  3. In this instance, knowledge was power, and so was the recording of it. Together, they enabled him to win a small victory against illegal detention. Putting it on YouTube (and on this blog) helps spread the knowledge, both of the law and of the tactics. A shame that it takes all that to force the officer to do the job he’s paid to do.

  4. I think he was looking to make this happen as witnessed by the fact that he had his cellphone ready to record the encounter. If something like this happened to me unexpectedly, I’d have to take my phone out and look at it to push the buttons for the camera to record instead of photograph. I don’t disagree with his right to carry a gun; I just question his motives for the way he did it. Gun owners with carry permits need to do it in such a way that the general public feels safer–not threatened–if they want people on their side.

  5. “Yes, it’s people’s right to open carry…”
    I’m so glad I don’t live in a country that thinks it is permanently at war. It’s really, really hard to understand why anyone would want to go armed in a peaceful community, and it’s also hard to imagine a community in which someone visibly armed would not be bundled into the back of a police van without question. Why carry a gun unless you intend to use it? On whom?

  6. That is one impressive video.

  7. This guy is a jerk and he needs to stop playing with the law.

  8. Okay I think we can all agree this guy is a smart ass, never the less it’s a bit frighting to think some one can opening carry a gun, which would be threatening to most people he would come across on the street. Change the law!!!

  9. Wow. I am sure the cops were concerned however I know the guy knew the law and his rights. Very interesting video and post! I would prefer to not draw attention to myself and just carry a gun concealed.

  10. Okay, let me get this straight, the police get complaints of a man openly carrying a weapon, and you expect then to simplyignore it. If they did I expect there would be just as many posts about the police’s incompetence.

  11. Cindy Bowen Cromar says:

    Wow, true to life and one needs to think how often are we asked for information. Do we need to give information to a colleague, policeman, etc. that won’t stop trying to convince us that they have the right to know about it.

  12. it’s kind of sad that the police would not know as much about the laws of the state as the lawyer. but i guess the requirements also differ within each state. kicking butt verbally is what it’s all about!

  13. I live in Australia and fire arms are even becoming an issue here, though not as severely as america. I obviously don’t know for sure but i believe it may be because our laws are different. I believe it is a lot harder to legally get a gun licence.

    That being said walking down a street with a gun in plain sight is just asking for trouble whether you know the law or not.

  14. Can you be legally right and still a moron? Can you know more law that a police officer and still be a jerk? The police officer is simply trying to respond to a call about a guy carrying a gun. You can play the law school newbie card, or you can give him your drivers license and let him check you out. If you’re young and arrogant, you’re probably going to choose the first option. But if the person carrying the gun is in front of your house with your terrified kids inside, your probably hoping for the second.

  15. I think the guy was a self-propelled anus.
    Could be wrong but I doubt it—exhibiting all the signs: oral diarrhea, verbal dysentery and a complete lack of consideration for other people.

    If he were walking down the street with the gun in his hand I’d be tempted as a police officer (I’m not, but I’d still be tempted) to take him in for a licence check. And remove that licence on any possible grounds.

    If it was holstered and he wasn’t fiddling with it all the time I wouldn’t worry too much about it …

  16. I feel sorry for the police. Although, logically, I don’t see why people should get more worried about a guy openly toting a gun around than one who’s secretly carrying one. I really think a society where either is allowed is on the wrong path. Maybe what should happen ideally is that ordinary people should walk up to this guy and say ‘you’re a total moron, I hate how you carry that gun around, do you think it makes you look like you have a big dick or something?”..and then keep on walking.

  17. That’s the same idiot who would be carrying a camera pointing out he was wronged and that they weren’t there quick enough when someone who they didn’t inquire about shot up someone’s school, theater, coffee shop or health spa. I am not sure of the legality of it but I think it is also the law for them to HAVE to investigate. He was looking for a confrontation and I thought the officer held his cool very well. If some creepy guy was walking down the street with a gun I would move or want my husband or boyfriend to make sure we where safe. How do we know how he looked or dressed himself that day when he went out looking for this? He is obviously not hunting and such. I have carried many, many times growing up in Alaska for good reason, and NEVER have been questioned. He gives those of us who truly care about our rights a very bad name. I heard you say you were broke, get a job and stop taking up our peace officers time. Maybe you actually have been the one committing a crime? Obstruction of justice of another crime happening because you choose to do this? This will backfire, watch.

  18. Wow…nice cop. Try something like that in Chicago.

  19. The kid may have been in the right, but he was being belligerent, repeating the same lame objections. This encounter had the potential for becoming alot worse than it was.

  20. I don’t even know what I think about the actual encounter but it’s a great illustration of the value of really, really knowing the law.

  21. floridaborne says:

    I’m impressed. Informative!

  22. This guy, while proving his point to the officer, is lucky that this wasn’t a burnt out cop who had just lost a friend to a guy just walking down the street with a gun trying to prove a point.

  23. “Belligerent jerk?”
    Yeah, that about describes it.

  24. Sometimes it is as provocative to carry a camera. Or standing up for a fellow that is being abused or beaten up by the police. I have been arrested for this! And yes some policemen are kind and reasonable, but this should be the rule for everyone not the exception.

    • I once tried doing the same as the guy in this video. I was cuffed on the street, aggressively man-handled, shouted at from point blank range and spat at. I made an official complaint and cited evidence. Police got rid of the evidence, lied in official documents and correspondence.

  25. The guy is lucky he met up with reasonable officers. He could have been arrested, and then he would have had to go through the legal process even if he was right. Then his name would have been on record with the police department.

  26. Aimskers says:

    And the moral of the story is…always carry your iPhone to record interactions with the police!

  27. I love this knowledge is power.

  28. I am impressed by his knowledge of the law with respect to carrying a gun in public AND his willingness to engage the authorities on the subject, but I still think that someone displaying a gun in public IS a cause for public concern. I kind of get the sense that he was hoping for a confrontation. I think we have a right to personal freedom as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others; one could argue that the consternation one feels when another has a weapon openly displayed, especially in light of more recent events, constitutes a violation of personal freedom.

  29. Unfortunately, and while I like guns, we live in a society where there are a lot if crazy people. I would be concerned if I saw a guy walking around with a gun. A responsible gun owner should be more discreet and cautious. Why get people riled up? But I see the guy’s point. We don’t want illegal searches and seizures either and he was trying to prove something. There needs to be balance.

  30. Nice post.

  31. If citizens of Maine have a problem with what happened here, they can always change the law. When you have an open carry policy, you shouldn’t be shocked if someone decides to do so. Personally, I would rather have law abiding citizens carrying their weapons in the open – it removes any doubt from the mind of someone inclined to create a crime of just what the consequences could be.

    And, yeah, he was a jerk – sort of – but his civil rights actually were violated right there.

  32. Let’s see…some folks think that even though it is legal”, he “shouldn’t” do it. Others say he’s a jerk, asshole, etc. for doing it.

    Well, look in the mirror folks…how many of you never speed, which is illegal and kills / maims thousands every year? Speeders are the jerks and assholes.( If you come up on someone driving 62 on the Interstate in Florida, that may be me.)

  33. The guy may have been within his legal rights but he comes across as an absolute anus. I thought the police guy handled it well.

  34. Fascinating. Just because you could open carry, should you open carry or carry at all? If some sociopath or insane person decides to draw down on this guy just because he’s carrying a visible firearm I wonder what, if anything, he’ll feel; if he lives, when some bystander — perhaps a child, gets hit in the crossfire?

  35. Awesome! Too bad you have be an attorney to stand up for your rights.

  36. I’ve seen this too. All he proved was, he was a belligerent jerk.

  37. That young man has the moxey to make it as a litigator. Hope he doesn’t burn out fast like so many.

  38. Thanks for the video!

  39. Holy Cow he may be knowledgable, but boy is he lucky. Thanks for posting this! I can’t believe they let him go. I have met guys like that and not only are they carrying a gun, but the bigger baggage is that huge chip on their shoulder.

  40. Carrying a weapon other than in a gun club or a war situation? Why? What’s he going to do with it? Oh, I see. He thinks the Brits are going to invade and declare America part of the British Empire again. That’s the only reason I can think of that makes any sense. Not very likely though, is it?

  41. He certainly knows his onions, but I personally do not subscribe to his openly carrying a gun on the street. Totally uncool.

  42. As a citizen of a Scotland I have no idea about the inner workings of the American judicial process…but if this happened over here that guy would have been stabbed to death in the street…contributing another statistic to this country having the worst knife crime in the Western world(per head of population).

  43. ahhhh, I remember those days in law school. Cocky but good. Bravo for his courage, though not so sure it was too smart. I’ll have to unbury some of those cases he cited. It will be useful in the future. He got lucky by the way- they would have tazered his ass had it been another city. Either that or the way he cited off those cases the cops suspected he was a card carrying good old boy so let him go as one of the club. Couldn’t prove it becuase he gave no info.

  44. As a former resident of Portland, Maine, everything about this made me laugh (and I liked seeing that familiar corner)…I don’t think the cops there are any worse than any place else and better than many, but it’s great when somebody knows the law better and can hold their feet to the fire. Really enjoyed it.

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by Technology Road Trip…

  45. LOL, This guy made me laugh! It is funny when you see a video of a pedestrian knowing the law better than the cop stopping him or her. Thanks for sharing Dave.

  46. I’ve watched a lot of these kind of videos and these guys are noobs. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t open carry. These guys that open carry like this and walk around in public with their video camera are just looking for attention and trying to prove a point. I saw one video where a guy was walking down the street with his AK strapped to his back.

    Yes, it’s people’s right to open carry and yes the police should know the proper laws (several don’t), but open carrying makes you a target and eliminates the element of surprise. A criminal is going to target the guy with the gun strapped to his hip in open sight first rather than someone that is concealed carrying.

    The public is so scared of people with guns but there are a ton of people out there carrying everyday; people just don’t know because most of them are concealed carrying. It’s ok to open carry, just don’t go looking to start something like this guy is doing.

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