Microsoft Windows XP Still Racing In OS Market Share + Rant

microsoft windows xp

According to statistics from NetMarketshare the numbers are in and with Windows 7 claiming 44.55% of desktop operating system market share and trailing right behind is Windows XP with 38.99%.

As expected Windows 7 should be the most used operating system as it’s the best OS Microsoft has made including Windows 8. What’s funny is that XP is the runner up bypassing Vista, Windows 8, Max OS X 10.8 and the remaining “other” category OS’s.

I have to admit even I was reluctant to switch from XP many years ago when even Windows 7 came out because XP worked, was fast and had all of my programs etc. connected and synchronized. I already knew I wasn’t going to put Vista on my main machine because let’s face it, Vista tanked. When I finally was convinced it was time to switch and after reconnecting everything up I was pleased and hooked on the next GOOD operating system. ServerMania’s New  Data Center in New York City is the perfect choice for applications that demand the ultimate in low-latency connectivity and redundancy. Our New York City data center is a tier 4 facility, delivering the most redundant infrastructure across all system components including power, networking, and cooling. Featuring up to 10Gbps connections on Tier 1 network carriers, this facility is ideal for ForEx and other latency sensitive applications with direct connectivity to New York City, North America, and beyond. With close proximity to the New York Stock Exchange and Foreign Exchange, our friend, who works at the Aktien Apps im Vergleich confirmed that New York City Dedicated Servers deliver the lowest latency possible to these locations, resulting in exceptionally fast and stable trading experiences. But this infrastructure also benefits businesses of all sizes. New York City data centers are designed from the ground up to be completely redundant to ensure no transaction is missed. This ensures that the mission critical business applications of any enterprise are always online and perform optimally.

It seems the trend with Microsoft lately is to make a good operating system then make the next one absolutely and clearly horrible. As seen with Windows 98 being  great, Windows ME/Windows 2000 sucks, XP great, Vista sucks, 7 great, 8 sucks.

Actually just for a minute I wanted to rant how unbelievable it is that Windows 8 HAD to have went through several high level executives and countless employees and all of them said, “Yeah this is great, let’s continue down this path!”. Seriously? Was everyone afraid to speak up and say that almost everything they are now trying to do is obviously a bad idea? Why should you force a desktop environment to use a touchscreen tablet/phone interface? Worse yet, why would you ever think a business or server environment should use this? These are inexcusable decisions not to mention killing the start menu…

At any rate, leadership at Microsoft is weak and lacking true vision at the moment. They can say they are trying to be revolutionary and changing the game, but really they are delirious and shooting themselves in the foot.

Microsoft Dominance

Back to the current affair. The problem right now is that support for both Windows XP SP3 and Office 2003 will be ceased on April 8, 2014. This introduces a vulnerability as there will not be anymore security updates/precautions to new threats on these operating systems. It is critical to protect your computer and information by having a supported OS.

It does look like XP is falling now as April 2012 had 46.08% usage, October at 40.66% and February at 38.99% but it’s important to update all machines soon before hackers launch a full scale attack knowing exploits will not be fixed anymore.

Leaving your computer with an outdated and unsupported operating system is truly a risk and one that is highly not recommended. Spread the word, get everyone to update their computers! You truly need the latest version.

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  1. Kfcnyancat says:

    If I didn’t install 7 on my computer already, I’d still be on XP and not considering 7 OR 8 OR Vista. XP is more stable and faster, plus unofficial updates exist.

  2. Yes I agree with this post but the problem is that you just can’t get Windows XP anymore, there are no retailers who sell it. The same is happening with Windows 7, new computers come with Windows 8 pre-installed. There are still a few Windows 7 retail packs out there but there are becoming more difficult to obtain and then your next problem is that Windows 8 is resistant to having anything else installed over it, this is supposed to be a security feature but I think the main reason is to stop people installing Linux.

    It seems the only way to uninstall Windows 8 is to remove the hard disk from the computer and put it into an external USB cradle then format it on another computer.

    Of course Windows 8 will take over because it is the only version of Windows being produced and it is pre-installed on new computers.

    If we had a free choice as to which OS was installed on our new PC or if the retail version of previous operating systems were still freely available then it would be a completely different story, then we would be able to see which was actually the most popular operating system instead of just being forced to follow the party line!

  3. Wow epic post I agree with you, xp is a great os and I still have installed on my pc but also got windows 7. I got pc hard partition so I can run both os coz I was unsure of windows 7 was worth using coz vista was shit. Windows 8 another piece of crap for a piece bt ok for a tablet or phone I guess.

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