Workaholics Making Waves On Comedy Central

One of my buddies told me about this show. He even threw a clip on exclaiming that I’d be hooked. At first I thought it looked like a low budget show that would make me laugh once per episode and then I’d forget everything about it. Nope! It actually hits home pretty good because it’s exactly the same kind of humor all my friends joke around with. It’s ridiculous stupid comedy but I mean that in a good way! The show stars with Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam DeVine), and Anders (Anders Holm) working at a call centre as arguably the worst employees.

Adam Devine; Anders Holm; Blake Anderson (from left)

It takes a little bit to get going so if you judge it from the very start only you’re missing out on some pretty spectacular stuff. Once it’s rolling the show shines with a realistic feel of stoners realizing they need to get a job in the real world. I can’t even count how many times Adam made me crack up pronouncing words wrong or having a hilarious quick remark. These are normal guys that have fun and it shows. Even more so they’re pretty humble considering the success they have received and that will continue to grow.

If you’ve watched the movie “Pitch Perfect” you will have already seen DeVine as Bumper with “The Treble Makers” doing his thing just as naturally as I’ve come to expect. Even with that movie I thought at first, “Oh no a musical?”. Lucky for me it wasn’t the typical music and was definitely aimed at a younger audience that loves the party lifestyle.

To be clear this is the type of show that appeals to humor stemming from: pee, poo, alcohol, shrooms, stupidity, fun and carelessness and it works well. It’s not necessarily original and it has the low budget cheap feel but it actually works in it’s favor. Comedy Central made a wise decision picking these guys up from their animation companies in singapore back in 2010. It’s also a great example that the web can actually land you a better spot than YouTube.


I’d say if you like crude shows with silly antics reminiscent of young adults being ridiculous, you should watch this show. Don’t just watch the first episode and say, “I mean it’s okay but I don’t see what the fuss is about”. Watch at least a few episodes, if your not already watching the entire season without stopping THEN you can pass it up. Wishing these guys the best of luck and looking forward to seeing more of them not only in their show but in films and other productions. Make some popcorn, settle in, power up Workaholics and make the night a “tight butthole”!

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