We Live to Die – Create Your Own Opportunities

Did you know that we are taught to all live in a perpetual routine? I’m not talking wake up, shower, get dressed, eat, brush your teeth etc. I’m talking about something on a larger scale.

We live to die.


Think about it. We are told that we have to go to public school to get to high school. Then we have to get good grades so that we can get into a good post secondary institution. We go to college or university so that we can get “decent” paying job. Then we work all our lives until we’re old so that we can build up a pension or some kind of safety net to pay for everything when we’re old and retired. Just when all that life long work is done we can finally relax and do whatever we want. A little late to do whatever I want. What if I need to budget the money I saved up just to get by. That means hardly any special trips/vacations and that’s if i’m even in good shape to travel around the world. At that point I’ll probably just want to sit around and eat Fiber One. What a waste.

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We can’t get time back. It’s always running out and unforgiving. No one wants to work a 9-5 all of their life just so that they can have enough money to survive after they hit 60. Your told that’s what your supposed to do and that’s life. Guess what? It’s NOT.

Now I agree everyone should learn all the basic education that public and high school provide. I’m not against going to college/university if there’s a skill or field I’m personally passionate about. I have my science degree and I’m grateful for it. What I don’t agree with is working for 40, 30, 20 or even 10 years for someone else and only making enough to comfortably survive. I’d like to live my life and enjoy it. I’d like to travel or spend time with family. I’d like to do whatever I want to do and whenever I want to do it. Of course we all want that right? We all dream of it but hardly anyone takes control and makes it happen. Most people are too scared to step out of the “traditional” jobs and predefined life plan. Most people think they’d have to spend all their life and money to run their own business anyway. Most people don’t realize that WE create our own opportunities and we can make anything happen.


A lot of people write in diaries or notebooks. Imagine you could get paid more in a month than most successful people make in an entire year by simply writing about whatever you feel. Is that just a dream? Or maybe you’ll realize it’s possible and ANYONE can do it. Getting the picture yet? This is a real business and normal everyday people like you and I make thousands of dollars everyday. Their day consists of writing up a little blog, promoting it and then doing whatever they want. The beautiful thing is that once you write a blog it’s ALWAYS working for you. In ten years from now the cool post you did today is STILL making you money. All it does is continue to build.

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Catfish TV Show – Real Life or Foolish Ignorance?

A friend was over and she asked if my girlfriend or I have heard of a show called Catfish. Neither of us did so we ended up watching it on our new 4k tv  because it sounded intriguing. The show is about people  that start talking to someone online and develop a relationship, I even watched it from my bed, with a corner tv bracket we installed for this. Usually it turns out that they’re not who they said they were and sometimes this is to the extreme.


Now I won’t lie, I actually find the show amusing and enjoy watching it but how realistic is it?

I find it hard to believe that someone was talking to another person online for let’s say 8 months and never skyped or anything. I mean first off if I were talking to someone attractive online and we hit it off, I’d be instantly skeptical if I never met them in person. Why would they be actively chatting online when they could easily date someone local and more than likely get hit on all the time? Let’s get past that point and assume they made themselves very convincing and had a story about how they’re sick of people in their town or something. Now we’ve been chatting for months online and possibly on the phone and I still don’t have any new casual pictures or video chatted? Maybe they always come up with an excuse why they can meet, show a new picture or video chat. Those are pretty huge red flags that would normally alarm a person to demand proof or simply stop talking. “Oh but she/he is my soul mate I just know it!”. COME ON! Really?!

The voice alone if they talk on the phone is a pretty good indicator although not in the case of someone of the same sex and age. I’m talking about when you THINK you’re talking to a good looking model guy and he’s in a bunch of magazines and when you talk to him on the phone he sounds either like a girl or a 14 year old boy. Obviously something is wrong there. I’m talking about when you THINK you’re talking to a hot chick and she refuses to talk on the phone or video chat or maybe sounds one again like a little boy (Maybe it’s still a girl you might say? Well maybe it’s a 13 year old girl and now you’re apparently a predator).


I understand some people get desperate or get caught up thinking how perfect someone is or who they have so many of the same interests but how silly are you to let that blind you of common sense AFTER maybe 2 weeks? Shouldn’t you be interested in seeing they’re face when you talk and if they didn’t have a computer to Skype, wouldn’t you hope that if someone truly “loves” you that they’d buy a cheap laptop or webcam for you?

To be honest I’m not sure if everything is made up for television but these kinds of things DO actually happen in real life. They shouldn’t ever get to this point but they do. Be careful you never know if you’re talking to a  girl, guy or possibly even someone who is transgender. Dating is something that everyone wants to do but not everyone wants to commit to. This is going to be hilarious if people actually dont follow through and are going ahead with their own inhibitions because honestly they will really need a lot of help if they want to get a proper follow through, dating on the show probably isnt as good as the best hookup sites if you go after it online then thats basically all you need to do at the end of the day.  Dating is a simple thing that people tend to over complicate way too much!

Do you think the Catfish show is real?

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NHL Lockout Ends With Agreement and Season Start

Finally after 113 days the National Hockey League’s Lockout is resolved!


Unbelievable how much time was wasted to come terms and begin the season. Jaromir Jagr is the only active player who has been in league for all four work stoppages. There are 10 active players that have been in the three lockouts. Jagr, Roman Hamrlik, Teemu Selanne, Chris Pronger, Martin Brodeur, Nikolai Khabibulin, Jason Arnott, Ray Whitney, Sergei Gonchar, Brian Rolston.

Year Length
1991-92 Strike No games lost (April 1-11)
1994-95 Lockout 48-game season (Training camp, lockout began Oct. 1 – start of reg season) Oct. 1-Jan. 11
2004-05 Lockout Season cancelled (Sept. 16-July 22), 1,230 regular season games lost


Check out the interview:

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Top 5 Movies Of 2012 That I’d Actually Re-watch


The Avengers

Come on, you get all of these heroes together in one movie?! Yes please. Each an every character was interesting and obviously can do well in their own movies so it’s an absolute score to have them jam packed into one. Probably the best overall pleaser considering it can reach almost all audiences and spark intrigue by everyone. All around entertaining, clever and funny movie. Recommended for PG audiences.

Cabin In The Woods

Personally I absolutely loved this move and wished I could watch a sequel immediately after the credits started rolling. The idea that the whole movie could have had a different type of threat from fables is genius and interesting. It almost reminds of some of the old unique Goosebumps books where you could make a decision and you’d have a different outcome depending on which object was picked in the cellar. Overall grade A movie that shakes up the “Teens go into cabin in the woods and get killed” genre. Recommended for mature audiences.


I was so confused and creeped out when I started watching this movie not knowing anything about it beforehand. The main character I SWORE looked just like Joseph Gordon-Levitt only different. I couldn’t get over it because I figured it must be a different guy or possibly a relative. Basically that thought kept with me the entire movie and finally I realized it was in fact Joseph. Seriously? I feel a bit silly now thinking it wasn’t him but I didn’t realize that film could seamlessly change his appearance in the manner it did. Phenomenal. All the visual hype aside it was also a unique and amusing film that was very well done. Recommended for mature audiences.

The Amazing Spider-man

Not exactly what I expected from the etched in stone story of Spiderman but in a good way. When I first heard they were rebooting the series I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “Here we go again”. Don’t get me wrong the main structure is still intact, it’s just that there was no Mary-Jane. Everyone loves an underdog story and you feel for Peter Parker along his ride. Recommended for PG audiences.

Men In Black 3

First off the guy who they get to play K (Tommy Lee Jones) in his younger years (Josh Brolin) totally looks like he would. Hands down a great casting job. It’s the usual wacky MiB movie with the quirky one liners and expected visual effects. The ending I found to be particularly good. Recommended for PG audiences.

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