Top 5 Movies Of 2012 That I’d Actually Re-watch


The Avengers

Come on, you get all of these heroes together in one movie?! Yes please. Each an every character was interesting and obviously can do well in their own movies so it’s an absolute score to have them jam packed into one. Probably the best overall pleaser considering it can reach almost all audiences and spark intrigue by everyone. All around entertaining, clever and funny movie. Recommended for PG audiences.

Cabin In The Woods

Personally I absolutely loved this move and wished I could watch a sequel immediately after the credits started rolling. The idea that the whole movie could have had a different type of threat from fables is genius and interesting. It almost reminds of some of the old unique Goosebumps books where you could make a decision and you’d have a different outcome depending on which object was picked in the cellar. Overall grade A movie that shakes up the “Teens go into cabin in the woods and get killed” genre. Recommended for mature audiences.


I was so confused and creeped out when I started watching this movie not knowing anything about it beforehand. The main character I SWORE looked just like Joseph Gordon-Levitt only different. I couldn’t get over it because I figured it must be a different guy or possibly a relative. Basically that thought kept with me the entire movie and finally I realized it was in fact Joseph. Seriously? I feel a bit silly now thinking it wasn’t him but I didn’t realize that film could seamlessly change his appearance in the manner it did. Phenomenal. All the visual hype aside it was also a unique and amusing film that was very well done. Recommended for mature audiences.

The Amazing Spider-man

Not exactly what I expected from the etched in stone story of Spiderman but in a good way. When I first heard they were rebooting the series I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “Here we go again”. Don’t get me wrong the main structure is still intact, it’s just that there was no Mary-Jane. Everyone loves an underdog story and you feel for Peter Parker along his ride. Recommended for PG audiences.

Men In Black 3

First off the guy who they get to play K (Tommy Lee Jones) in his younger years (Josh Brolin) totally looks like he would. Hands down a great casting job. It’s the usual wacky MiB movie with the quirky one liners and expected visual effects. The ending I found to be particularly good. Recommended for PG audiences.

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