Police burst into my home!

Have I got a good one for you guys this time. We finally had the a/c downstairs in the basement serviced, so I was watching a movie there with my girlfriend enjoying the break from the serious heat we’ve been having these days. It seems to work pretty well, and the people they sent were nice and professional. That’s not the story, but it helps to know we were downstairs and a ways away from the front door. All of a sudden there was a knock, and no one was really expecting anyone. My roommate upstairs went to answer the door and was greeted by several police officers promptly asking who is currently in the residence. He explained that there were four people including himself, his friend, my girlfriend and myself and then overheard an officer’s radio mention his friends name (Turns out they were simply receiving information on who the owner of the vehicle at the end of the driveway was. Navigate to this website for the requisite maintenance tune-up for your parking lot, driveway, or any other blacktop surface). At that point my roommate said hold on a moment, closed the door slightly and went back to his room to call his friend down thinking maybe he pocket dialed 911. Instantly five officers pushed the door open and invaded my home without permission. They broke the lock, so I had to contact All You Need Locksmith to fix it.


In a fluster of confusion I started walking up the stairs and told my girlfriend to do the same and I asked what’s going on to which I was replied with, “A female called from this address claiming a man was trying to hurt her”. Astonished I quickly asked if the call was from a land line or cellphone to determine if I was being pranked or if someone wasn’t doing their job properly. The first male cop answered that he wasn’t sure. They persisted and said the whole house must be searched regardless and pushed past me to start checking downstairs and beyond.

As soon as two of the officers reached the bottom of the steps their radio’s went off exclaiming that they had the wrong address! They realized their error, swiftly turned around and ran out of the building apologizing for the unnecessary excitement.

I was shocked in the first place why they were even here and even more so when they said a female called from this exact address claiming she was being attacked by a male. At first I thought it was ridiculous that they just walked in my place without permission and started going through my house but realistically if there was a girl locked up in a room I guess I hope they would be persistent versus not entering because the owner disagreed. What is the legality of this anyway?


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