Borderlands 2 Raised DLC Level Cap = Motivation Factor

Everyone loves Borderlands 1 & 2. They are both amazing games. It’s awesome when you play with friends because you can communicate and save each others lives. The best is getting new guns and equipment all the time and leveling up your skills. I loved having to do quests because I wanted to level up and thus put a new skill point down to make my character better.


The problem is with motivation and the level cap not increasing with EACH DLC.

Once I hit max level on the base version of the game, quests seemed useless and there didn’t feel like a reason to continue playing even if there was more story to be told.

Another issue is that basically every single chest you open is guaranteed to have crappy loot. I feel like I received some decent gear fairly quickly but open countless chests and drops and nothing is useful. To a degree that’s fine because that’s what the loot from invincibles is for but I mean what’s the point in even having chests later in the game when all of the loot sucks anyway.

Something in the game that seems useless later on, at least until you get to the point where you can do invincible bosses regularly anyway is eridium. You’ll get all the upgrades to your ammo/bag/vault capacity and then eridium is useless and caps out at 99. It doesn’t turn into cash, nothing special happens.

It starts off so good and plays with diminishing returns later on. Keep me motivated to play! Badass rank increases aren’t good enough on their own.


A few things I think would increase the attraction of Borderlands would be:

  • Raise the level cap with each DLC.
  • Make chests more likely to drop better loot when you’re max level for that particular DLC or a different mechanic that makes decent loot come out of them.
  • Give cash or something instead of eridium once you’re maxed out.

True story.

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