NHL Lockout Ends With Agreement and Season Start

Finally after 113 days the National Hockey League’s Lockout is resolved!


Unbelievable how much time was wasted to come terms and begin the season. Jaromir Jagr is the only active player who has been in league for all four work stoppages. There are 10 active players that have been in the three lockouts. Jagr, Roman Hamrlik, Teemu Selanne, Chris Pronger, Martin Brodeur, Nikolai Khabibulin, Jason Arnott, Ray Whitney, Sergei Gonchar, Brian Rolston.

Year Length
1991-92 Strike No games lost (April 1-11)
1994-95 Lockout 48-game season (Training camp, lockout began Oct. 1 – start of reg season) Oct. 1-Jan. 11
2004-05 Lockout Season cancelled (Sept. 16-July 22), 1,230 regular season games lost


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