ps4 controller

ps4 controller


  1. killer99952 says:


  2. Are you all idiots? That was obviously photoshoped.

  3. So big.And i can’t hold it.

  4. Jesus Sony it’s a console not an airplane xD

  5. You dont know it could be real and a moddede controller because a lot of people post pictures of there modded controller and start bragging even though its nooby…

  6. mohammedsky says:

    what is this!!!!!
    ho can play ghost
    1 game whit it and don’t lose i will give him 10000000000000$gold

  7. that f****** fake s*** has an infinity button? o.ô

  8. sooo fake and xbox booo ps4 for the win

  9. Tummas Á Hálvmørk Joensen says:

    Soooo……….. where do you hold it?

  10. charles thresh says:

    it great

  11. bull crap

  12. these comments r so adorable.

  13. this is so fake how could you believe this

  14. it looks alot like a ps3 controller just with more buttons.i actully found out how to use this controller. i think it would be an excellent controller it looks much like a modded controller

  15. ggggggggggggggggggg says:

    Apparently there are…

  16. Loo remort

  17. It sucks because how will carry on our hand there is no space

  18. i just have to check are there actually people that even for one second think that this could be an actual controller

  19. jaxxhaxx says:

    It is wireless, however it must be connected to an external battery pack (only 77lbs) at all times.

  20. how should I touch this …… thing.

  21. Annonymose says:

    Its not microsoft, its sony. The XBOX one is much much much better.

    • Your a fool xbox one was built not with gaming being the main focus nobody wants to use their system to watch tv. Not to mention that microsoft had to change their whole gameplan after realizing that not being able to play without an internet connection and not being able to play used games. Sony is and always wil be the face you see when you mention gaming.

  22. its fake and its DUMB

  23. how much for that?

  24. That sucks

  25. aton_striker says:

    errr, i think this is fake. Do you really think that this is a real thing!

  26. niks_123 says:

    omg thts not best controler its to complicated !!!!


  28. cookiemonster says:

    ultimate control

  29. PS3_Gamer says:

    HOLY SHIT! HELL NO! That is a horrible controller design. That is a control nightmare for all gamers around the world. O.o

  30. negro_123 says:

    i dont want to dream about this thing. it would be a tentacle nightmare

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