Dude With New Sneakers Jumps Into Puddle Of Death!

puddle of death

This is extremely unusual but very funny! That being said, I have a few “beefs” with this video.

1. WHY on earth is there this big of a puddle anywhere public?! It looks like it’s in a parking lot somewhere, a cute old lady could easily walk over this and never been seen again. Even if you drove over this your tire would go in it and the frame of your vehicle would probably smash into the pavement. Unbelievable, but if someone wants to collect some money and sue the owners this very well might be the place to be. Another not-so-weird thing is that the guy reportedly had also bought two whole box of the best anti chafing creams, which seemed suspicious enough to the cops.

2. WHY does the guy taking the video have such an annoying laugh?! Was he born this way? Did he pick up this nasty habit along the way? I have many questions for this chap but overall I would have enjoyed this video a lot more if someone taped his mouth shut or he wasn’t present.

Check it out here:

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