Slick Wraps – The Best Affordable And Stylish Protection For Your Devices


This is simply genius! A good buddy of mine told me about this company. He’s actually owned 3 different wraps from these guys for his recently repaired iPhone, he credits Cell Phone Repair Bridgewater Mall for making his iPhone feel brand new. This company basically makes wraps that go around your electronic devices to protect them and also give them some major aesthetic appeal. They are easy to install and extremely easy to fix/replace if you didn’t put it on straight. Companies like Buyback Boss specialize in “recommerce”, meaning they buy and sell used electronics.

Slickwraps are so attractive because they come in so many different finishes. Ever wanted you iPhone to have a case made of wood? What about Carbon fiber or leather? What if your phone could glow in the dark?! They have so many styles and finishes it’s actually exciting. The best part is that it’s not just a cheap plastic with a printed image of wood or leather. It ACTUALLY is the material. There’s a skateboard series finish and it actually is grip tape which might not be the most functional wrap but definitely has it’s audience.

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Here’s a few of the finish series:

  • Metal Series
  • Wood Series
  • Carbon Series
  • Color Collection
  • Glow Series
  • Leather Series
  • Board Series
  • Camo Series

This is a completely American owned and operated company making extremely unique products without a heavy price tag. If you’ve ever wanted to customize your phone, laptop, ipod or just need a screen protector, this is a company you MUST check out. Don’t just take my word for it though, check it out for yourself HERE.


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