The Difference Between – Part 3


2018-08-20 Dott. Pietro Carta posted:

Lately there are numerous reports concerning the presence of weeds that cause annoying bites and consequent severe itching. The extent of these weeds is never well defined, and very often we end up confusing ourselves between two very different insects: bed bugs and mites. In any case if you are looking to prevent or take measures against an already happening infestation check these fuze bug reviews.

The difference between bed bugs and mites

Both weeds cause very similar bites, followed by sometimes itchy rashes.

This is the only common aspect between these two weeds. Regarding the characteristics, the biological cycle, the habitat and above all the methods of struggle present many differences.

Below we publish a small summary table with the main features that can help you to distinguish Mites and Bed Bugs so that we in the sector can plan the most appropriate disinfestation intervention.

The difference between bed bugs and mites

The Gallura Disinfestazioni thanks to its team of specialized technicians intervenes promptly to eradicate bed bugs and mites in private homes, hospitals, schools, accommodation facilities, hotels and B & Bs in the whole of North Sardinia including the areas of Palau, Santa Teresa, Porto Cervo and all the Costa Smeralda