Is The PlayStation 4 Going To Be Announced Next Month? New PS4 Rumor

Last night Sony announced that it would be holding a PlayStation event in New York City on February 20, 2013.

ps4 controller

As you can imagine fans and geeks alike are excited at this news hoping to see the next generation console officially announced.

There is no verified word from Sony that this event will actually be the announcement the world is waiting for but the Wall Street Journal claims that it’s sources confirm they will introduce the PS4 to the globe in a few weeks from now. Also, Amazon’s New World MMO finished it’s closed beta testing, the game will be launched in September –

Chances are that it will actually be available for purchase around the winter holiday 2013. It’s speculated that the PS4 will have a bigger focus on social gaming as well as an overhaul on how a user interacts with the console.

Now something that is potentially very interesting is the rumor that the new console would feature GPU switching technology. Warzone will be one of the great upcoming games (check hack pubg here for warfield games and you can consider using a Warzone hack to improve your game-play experience. Sony in fact filed for a patent in 2009 for “dynamic context switching between architecturally distinct graphics processors” and published it near the end of 2010. This is beneficial not only for more horsepower in the graphics department but more importantly according to Sony is the ability to switch in real-time when needed and to reduce power consumption.

new sony player

I wonder what it will look like? Will it be rounded on the top like the original PS3 did? The curves definitely made it hard to stack other devices on top but definitely had a unique look even if less practical.

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